Money Saving Tips

Repairing hole in wall caused by door knob

Did your tenant slam the door open and put a hole in the wall? We have a quick fix that doesn't involve any drywall work.

How to repair a deck

If you have ever had a rotten board in your deck or a rotten tenant that made a hole in your deck you know how costly it can be to have a carpenter come and fix it. I will show you how with a few common tools you can repair the hole in the deck yourself and save money.

Repairing a hole in paneling

If you have rental property with paneling you may have the need to repair a hole in it that has been caused by a tenant, damage done by vandals or you may have purchased a house with previous damage to the paneling.

No matter what the reason you have to repair a hole in paneling there often is the problem of not being able to purchase replacement paneling that matches the piece with the hole. Paneling patterns and colors go out of style quite quickly and when it comes time to do a repair you likely will not be able find a piece to match.

Saving money on appliances

If you provide appliances for your rental units at some point you will need to purchase appliances. Whether it is because the old one costs to much to repair or you buy a new rental unit, here are some tips on saving money while shopping for appliances.

Free rental advertising

Looking for an inexpensive way to advertise your recent rental property vacancy? Try out these tips on where you can get free advertising.

Places like laundromats, supermarkets, schools and community centers may have bulletin boards where you can post for free. Just make up a sheet with all of the features of your rental property and ad the phone number on the bottom in strips so it can be torn off. Not only is it free but it targets people who are already familiar with the area of town that your rental is located.

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