Free rental advertising

Bulletin Board: Post your rental ads for free on bulletin boards at businesses near your rental property.Bulletin Board: Post your rental ads for free on bulletin boards at businesses near your rental property.

Looking for an inexpensive way to advertise your recent rental property vacancy? Try out these tips on where you can get free advertising.

Places like laundromats, supermarkets, schools and community centers may have bulletin boards where you can post for free. Just make up a sheet with all of the features of your rental property and ad the phone number on the bottom in strips so it can be torn off. Not only is it free but it targets people who are already familiar with the area of town that your rental is located.

Create for rent signs on posterboard. You probably have some stuck in the spare bedroom or up in the attic. Make a few signs and place them on the street corners near your rental property. Don't forget to put one in the front yard.

For a few dollars you can buy signs at a store and put them up. For rent signs on sale at Amazon

If you have several rental properties make sure that your good tenants know that you have an open unit. If they are respectful of your property there is a very good chance that the people they know will also be good tenants. They can pass the word on to their friends. You could always sweeten the pot a little by offering them movie tickets or restaurant gift certificates if you felt generous.

Don't forget the free classified newspapers in your area. You can usually find them at convenience stores or in paper boxes out in front of businesses. They often have names like Thrifty Nickel, Penny Press, etc. Since they usually only come out once a week call as soon as you know you will have a vacancy. If you wait until it is empty it might be 10 days before the ad starts depending upon how far in advance the ad deadline is.

Another free advertising source is Craigslist. You can post your listing and photos for free. They also offer a free emailing service so you don't have to publish your real email.

AS you can see there are many ways to find free advertising for you rental property. If you have any other ways that have worked for you add them in the comments below.