Lease Agreement Form

If you rent real estate to someone you should protect yourself and your renter by using a Tenant Lease form. You can have a lawyer draw one up or there are many sites on the Web that provide Residential Lease Agreements for download. Be careful of the free rental forms sites. The free lease agreements they provide may not be legal in your state. You might be better off to pay a little money to have the peace of mind knowing that your forms are legal in your state.

You will also want to fill out a Move-In and Move-Out Inspection Checklist so that you and you tenant agree on the exact condition of the rental property when they move in. The inspection checklist will pay for itself many times over when there is damage done to your rental unit during the lease period.

If you agree to an extension of the lease make sure all parts sign a Lease Extension Form. This will spell out all of the conditions of the lease extension.

Equally as important is a Amendment to Lease form. This form is used to amend an existing lease when changes to the original terms are necessary.

If you rent commercial property make sure your tenant signs a Commercial Lease Agreement. They are tailored to commercial lease transactions and can be used for renting office, store, building and other commercial space.