Repairing hole in wall caused by door knob

Did your tenant slam the door open and put a hole in the wall? We have a quick fix that doesn't involve any drywall work.

Click on photos for larger version.

For this howto we will repair a hole in a wall caused by a tenant slamming the door open and the knob broke through the drywall.

First of all find a piece of wood that is slightly longer than the hole. If it is too long you won't be able to get it in the hole. If it is too short it won't stay against the wall.

Before putting the wood in the wall make sure to start screwing the screw into the wood to make it easier to get the screw started when the wood is in the wall.

Next wrap a piece of string around the wood so that you can hold the wood against the inside of the wall while you are starting the screw. In the video we used a piece of dental floss. Since is was wax coated it made it easier to slide out from behind the protector once the screw was started. You also can easily tear it and hide the ends behind the protector if you can't get it to slide out.